After succeeding with many smartphone series released by Xiaomi, this time Xiaomi made a new breakthrough by releasing the latest smartphone series named Xiaomi Redmi K30. Xiaomi Redmi K30 series, is the most recent product and was just released in December 2019.

Although just released, but this one cell phone has also become a target for smartphone lovers to be able to feel the various advantages it has. Even this Xiaomi Redmi K30, is considered to be a smartphone that has the best specifications but still at an affordable price. The following is a review of the use of the latest Xiaomi Redmi K30 in 2020.

Specifications Reviews

Design and screen

For the first review of this one cell phone, which has the most visible advantages, namely the body design is quite charming. For the body itself, using the role of full metal. This also makes this one smartphone very hardiness and anti-damage.

Handphone Xiaomi Redmi K30
Xiaomi Redmi K30 Designs

Not only that, another advantage that is also owned by Xiaomi Redmi K30 is with a very attractive mobile design because it uses the right size dimensions. This phone does not have a design that is too wide and thick, so it will be very comfortable for you to hold even if you only use one hand.

Do not stop at the design, for the screen also has a very sophisticated touchscreen technology. Its size reaches 6.66 inches only and already uses a IPS LCD type screen. This screen is already using full HD resolution with a size of 1080 x 2340 pixels.

For those of you who like to play games or even watch videos, it will be very convenient to use this phone because the screen display it has is much cleaner, clear and also comfortable for the eyes. With a screen size that is quite wide, it is not new if it is equipped with a scratch-resistant corning gorilla glass.

Of course this has its own purpose, in order to provide protection for the screen from scratches that might occur. Good performance is already owned by this phone, so many say that the Xiaomi Redmi K30 is a complete package.


Android game, a game that is now familiar to be played by many people. Even more and more gamers are emerging, and show their talent in the world of online gaming. Xiaomi certainly has its own concerns, with the release of the Xiaomi Redmi K30 which has a very strong performance for various android games.

This smartphone has a performance that is strong enough and also reliable, to be able to do various things multitasking. This is because the Xiaomi Redmi K30 is already equipped with a Qualcomm SDM730 Snapdragon 730G chipset. This chipset that will help to be able to make the performance more reliable with both.

In addition, the Xiaomi Redmi K30 phone also has other advantages with graphics processing with the type of Adreno 618. This graphic has the advantage of being able to display the most smooth and smooth graphics. With the best performance, the more perfect this phone is because it is equipped with RAM which has a large enough capacity.

With the capacity for 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. With the capacity provided, you are free to be able to install any application you want, including with various android games that currently have their own trends.

When talking about software, the Xiaomi Redmi K30 already runs the Android 10 operating system which already features an interface called MIUI 11. Surely you don’t need to be surprised, if the display that is owned by this phone is very modern and also cool with a variety of features it has. Getting more interested isn’t it on this one phone?

High Resolution Camera

After knowing the performance and advantages of the screen to the design of this phone, one thing that is no less important is the camera it has. When talking about the camera owned by Xiaomi Redmi K30, then you can already have four rear and front camera lenses.

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Variants

For the resolution owned by the main camera that is 64MP, and for the second camera owned by Xiaomi Redmi K30 which is 8MP. Not stopping there, Xiaomi also already uses technology that is quite sophisticated for its class, the ultrawide camera, which has a 13MP resolution.

You can also make photos with the bokeh effect, using a depth sensor camera that has a resolution of 2MP. For the front of the cellphone, you can see two cameras that have been installed with each resolution that is 20MP. Among all things owned by Xiaomi Redmi K30 is a rear camera.

For the back camera that is owned by this phone, it even has a stock of interesting features like a professional camera that will help you to produce various photos and videos with the best resolution. Even with the effects of Dual-LED flash, HDR, panorama, it will make your photos like taken using a professional camera.

Connectivity and Battery

Not only has the best design, high-performance mobile phone to a camera that is equivalent to a sophisticated camera, but this phone also has several connection features that can be tailored to the needs. Among the many features it has, namely 4G LTE. In this case you are free to get the best internet signal ever.

In addition, this phone can also be used with 2 sim cards because it will make it easier for you to be able to use 2 cards at once and access the internet on this one cellphone. For Xiaomi Redmi K30, the additional connection features it has are navigation that already uses advanced GPS technology, Bluetooth and many others.

Its features are certain, can help you in doing everything, and help facilitate the work that you will do later. You can transfer data easily from your cellphone to your laptop or even to a smartphone. For the battery power, it is definitely not in doubt.

For the capacity of the battery it has, it is equipped with fast charging which will be very fast to charge the battery for the cellphone you have. With its tough specifications, making the Xiaomi Redmi K30 can be freely used to play various games with the best HD resolution. Certainly also with full features, it has.

This further provides comfort for you, as users of this one smart phone. For a wide screen size, it will make all the images or even the writing look more clear and clear. Then what price range does it have?

Price Range

With all the advantages it has, then what is the price range owned by Xiaomi Redmi K30? With its specifications, of course the price will not reach more than 3 million rupiah. Even in this case the price offered with 6GB of RAM capacity with 64GB of internal memory, ranges from under 3 million.

Not a little not an interesting review that is owned by Xiaomi Redmi K30? Mobile phones that have affordable prices even only have a price range under 3 million. In addition, you can also have the opportunity to enjoy the various specifications that it has.