Xiaomi has just released the latest Android One-based smartphone that has impressive specs. There are many changes given by this Chinese vendor to Xiaomi fans. In addition, the larger screen size will also provide convenience for the user to get a different using experience. Another thing that can take into account for the latest smartphone is of course the strength of the camera that has increased the maximum compared to previous versions.

Elegant and ergonomic design

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

One of the countless Xiaomi Mi A2 review will involve design changes. Appearance of this smartphone is of course larger than previous versions. In addition, the ergonomic concept also applied to this smartphone with some of the best features. The users will be easy to maximize the function of the dual camera, fingerprint on the back of the camera and more. Xiaomi also made a big change from the features applied for the design of this smartphone. This smartphone no longer has a navigation button that is usually located at the bottom of the smartphone.

The screen of this smartphone also experienced a very different increase. Aspect ratio used Mi A2 by applying 18: 9 with resolution up to 1080 pixels. The condition of the increase of the screen likes this as seen in other high end smartphones. Moreover Xiaomi did not cut the frames on some sides of the frame.

Xiaomi offers an additional layer of Gorilla Glass 5 that will protect the front of the smartphone. The strength of the glass layer considered very strong so that it is resistant to falling conditions with a certain height. However, the coating on the glass considered not to have a longer time than a few scratches. This makes the user must use an additional layer. This is to make the case and screen protection to be more leverage.

Several sides of the Xiaomi Mi A2 use an aluminum layer that looks very elegant look. Just like any other, this smartphone has a frame that looks rounded side. There is an additional line in the case that is located is quite ideal. However, the line pattern on the case will not interfere and gives a distinct impression to the entire design and color integration on the case layer.

Camera with the best features

The best feature offered by Xiaomi Mi A2 Review is of course the strength of the camera is very impressive. Users will find it easier to capture quality photos and videos with 20 MP supports with f / 1.8 lens feature integration. The power of this camera also involves the IMX376 sensor which helps to get quality photos or videos with very little lighting. To maximize camera features like this Xiaomi also offers AI support software that allows users to get the best and impressive effect. Additional double-flash feature also considered to provide comfort to get photos or video with front or rear camera.

The strength of this camera also gives users the ease to get a blur effect on the background. 12 MP sensors for main camera is also considered will help users get better quality photos and video than previous versions. Support camera like this can done for photo, video, vlogging and video call. Moreover, AI software on the smartphone can also apply to the main camera. Collaboration double camera like this does give a big influence on the desired quality. There are many features of photography with the latest software offered by XIaomi.

Xiaomi Mi A2 is also equipped with a front camera that has a power up to 20 MP. Additional important features such as f / 2.2 lenses will make users more easily do vlogging. This feature also provides a better selfie quality. The integration of Flash and HDR LEDs makes the detail of photos and videos also look very impressive. This smartphone is increasingly showing the best quality of all the different features. The calculation of video recording from the front camera is also quite impressive with 1080 pixels @ 30fps. Xiaomi will make it easier for users to get video vlogging with different display.

Main specifications with impressive detail

Some Xiaomi Mi A2 review reveals that this smartphone is part of the high end flagship. A very impressive set of specifications considered to make it easy for users to maximize features. Moreover, the power of chipset and memory integrated very well to give a very big influence on all support from the Android One operating system.

This smartphone is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset that offers feature integration speed with CPU Octa Core. Impressive graphics support for this smartphone involves Adreno 512 that tries to provide comfort for users while playing games, playing videos and more. Of course the collaboration of all these key specifications will make the smartphone experience even more impressive.

To maximize the use of features of the smartphone, Xiaomi Mi A2 comes with several memory options. The 128 GB storage capacity will integrate with 6GB of RAM. In addition, this smartphone is also equipped with a storage capacity of 64GB with 4GB of RAM. However, this smartphone not provided additional external storage capacity through the memory slot. This should be a consideration for the users to make the ideal choice. Usually the use of gaming and some other parts advised to choose a larger capacity.

The operating system provided for Xiaomi Mi A2 is almost the same as the method of the previous version. This smartphone is a better recommendation of Android One from Xiaomi. The upgrade of Android 8.1 will offer a different user experience. This condition will provide convenience for all features with maximum specification strength.

Battery support with large capacity

Xiaomi realize that the best smartphone with a large specification will require maximum power. This should to make it easier for users to maximize the features of the latest operating system. Moreover, some smartphones that enter the high end section will also used as a gaming device in a long time. These considerations make Xiaomi complete this smartphone with battery support from Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh. The capacity of this battery considered capable of completing all expectations of the users while playing games, play the video up to normal use.

The worth it-price

All the main specifications offered by Xiaomi for Mi A2 of course make the users more comfortable. The increase of such a large camera is also an important part to get a different experience. Another important thing of course Xiaomi tagging price is very affordable. Some sources reveal that Xiaomi Mi A2 has a price of about $ 350 – $ 400.


Xiaomi always offers high specs on all the best smartphones. Changes from previous versions will provide the best experience. Moreover, the price of this smartphone can also compete with other brands.