You may already be familiar once you hear the name Samsung. Yes, companies that peddle a variety of electronic products, ranging from smart phones, televisions, to tablets actually come from the ginseng country Seoul, South Korea.

Founded 27 years ago, precisely on March 1, 1939, Samsung is active as one of the largest electronics companies in the world that dominates the market for mobile devices or cellphones. The latest smartphone products released this year are the Samsung Galaxy A71.

Before we get too deep into the discussion of smart phones, it would be better if we discussed a little why Samsung was able to survive amid the onslaught of other mobile phone brands in the world. Samsung comes from Korean, which means three stars. Three themselves are interpreted as something big, powerful, and widely scattered.

Whereas stars are interpreted as an eternity. Therefore, in the midst of an increasingly modern life, Samsung hopes to continue to survive by releasing various products that can help humans in their daily activities.

Even so, specifically there are some things you must understand, why should you buy a Samsung smartphone. Check out the answer in the section below yes.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Samsung Smartphones

There are various well-known cell phone brands in the world, ranging from the oldest like Nokia to the most up to date used by people to simply show their social strata, Apple.

Although many idolize various other types of brands, in fact Samsung is a company that is truly consistent in showing the benefits of its products, in this case smart phones. So what are the reasons why Samsung must be called the best smartphone brand?

Samsung One UI

Samsung One UI

According to a survey that has been carried out on several people from different work backgrounds, many of them said that they chose to use a smart phone from Samsung because of its simple interface but still charming and certainly not complicated when used.

This is influenced by several things, such as clear application icons, neat arrangement of the functions of each application, when opening camera features for example, all clearly written what can be done with these features. One UI or software developed by Samsung has indeed been designed to optimize the use of mobile phones even with just one hand.

Interestingly, One UI can be found on all types of smart phones released by Samsung. So even if the price of the cellphone you buy is cheap even the most expensive one, you will still get the One UI that works well. Samsung’s consistency as a brand in a variety of electronic products really deserves thumbs up.

Mobile Default Applications that Provide Extra Services

If you feel that what we mean here is the features of a calculator, voice recorder, etc. then you are wrong. Because all of these features already exist in almost every cell phone brand.

So of course it is no longer interesting if this section is the subject of this discussion. Well, what we mean here is an application called Samsung Gift. This application is specially developed by Samsung with various attractive offers for its users.

Looks like this application will be very fitting to use for you who are happy with various promo or discount offers. This application will make it easier for you to find everything you enjoy, such as food. Do not be afraid if you want to immediately buy food that is being promoed.

For one more thing, Samsung has a default mobile application called Samsung Pay. In this one application, you can immediately open several digital wallets that you have, such as Dana, Gopay, Ovo, and so on.

Oh yes, for those of you who like to change phone themes, well through the Gopay application on Samsung Pay, you can buy a variety of themes that you enjoyed earlier so that the cell phone doesn’t look too monotonous.

After Samsung Gift, Samsung Pay, now there are more Samsung Members. In this application, all Samsung users from all corners of the world will gather and share news, information, tips, and even photos. A kind of community but a virtual version.

Premium-Quality and Competitive Mobile Phones

Samsung Premium Quality

You may feel that the more expensive the price of a cellphone, the more advantages are found. While the lower the price, the quality is also bad. Such assumptions will not be found on Samsung smart phone products.

Why? Because Samsung phones are the cheapest or can be said for the middle and lower class, really high quality and compete with other mobile brands.

For example, for those of you who like to play games, you can buy the cheapest Samsung smart phone to play all the games that you enjoy. You will not find your gaming applications slow and so on, like other brands of smart phones at the same price. Samsung is superior in this regard because there is no other brand that is able to guarantee the performance of a middle-class smart phone this good.

Rarely Fast Charging Capabilities of Other Competitors

When you ask people who use mobile phones from Samsung, then usually the reason they choose this phone is because of its ability for fast charging, so you don’t have to wait too long until your cellphone’s battery is full.

This is usually highly considered by people who work with high mobility, rarely are at home and meet plugs, or people who are lazy to read Power bank everywhere.

Did you know that in just 15 minutes, this smart phone released by Samsung can be charged fully charged. In addition to very fast charging, smart phones from Samsung since 2015 have also been equipped with Wireless Charging.

Where you can be facilitated in charging the cell phone just by placing your cellphone on a wireless dish that makes you no longer have to be busy looking for sockets and so forth. Very easy, right?