Android 10 has been launched a few months ago but there are many people who are still unfamiliar with this newest version of android operating system.

Released officially by Google, it has been landed on Google Pixel devices and also Xiaomi Redmi K30 series. Also well known as Android Q, there are so many interesting features that you need to know. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the following discussion.

Best Features of Android 10

We have a list of best features you can find on this latest version of android. Here is the explanation of the best features one by one:

Dark Mode

Android 10 Dark Mode
Android 10 Dark Mode

After doing experiment with a dark mode, Google finally made this Dark Mode official on android 10. This can be activated from a quick-tile setting. Alternatively, you can use it when activating the battery saver. In addition, this will affect Google Podcasts, Search and Photos.

Anyway, it is undoubtedly considered as one of the most crowd-pleasing features. To implement this in their apps, the Mountain View Company also works with third party developers.

Smart Reply

Android 10 Smart Reply

It also belongs to one of the best features where it can help you predict what you want to say to respond a message. It can be used for all messaging apps and now you can download it on Google apps.

With this feature, you can get suggested responses in the messages on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. It means you can save time especially if you want give a short response. The suggestions are made with on-device machine learning which purportedly maintain your privacy.

Better Sharing Menu

Android 10 Sharing Menu

Android 10 OS also offers better sharing menu. If the previous android version has slow and unintuitive sharing menu, the latest version overhauls this menu. It is not only faster but also performs better.

So, you can share message with more fun. If you want to feel this experience, you can buy a Smartphone which come with the latest version of android.

Focus Mode

Android 10 Focus Mode

Focus Mode can be considered as one of the most prominent user facing features provided by the newest version of android. It is an extension of Digital Wellbeing suite.

This mode is very helpful to get focused. It works by graying out applications you deem distracting and also hiding the notifications. Besides that, Digital Wellbeing also offers integrated parental controls. On the other hand, Google has offered parental tools from Family Link app.

Faster Access to Settings

Faster Access to Settings
Faster Access to Settings

If you want to go to Settings menu, Android 10 will make it easier. So, you can toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other options of connectivity much more easily. This popup is summoned by apps in some situations.

For example is to launch a browser in the airplane mode. Now, the browser can tell you to activate Wi-Fi and then it will summon the setting panel automatically.

Standard Depth Format

Android 10 Standard Depth Format

The newest android also has a new depth format dubbed the Dynamic Depth Format. The new format lets third party apps tweak depth data to make “specialized blurs & bokeh options”. We hope that third party developers will embrace this.

Improved Files App

Android 10 Files App

The previous Files app is improved on Android 10 system operation. It does not only have a shortcut but also come with revised UI. In addition, it also lets fast access to other apps.

Anyway, this improved files app is considered as one of the best and most useful apps.

Overhauled Permissions

Overhauled Permissions
Android 10 Overhauled Permissions

Next, the newest android OS has plenty of privacy-related tweaks, too. It comes with roles to be one of the greatest additions. Now, the platform can grant specific permissions automatically to an app based on the use-case.

Therefore, a text messaging app will gain the ability to receive or send texts and access to your contacts automatically. Another big change is a tweak that affects location permissions. So, you have options to grant location access to an app or just let access when the app is used actively.

Wi-Fi Sharing with QR Codes

Wi-Fi Sharing with QR Codes
Wi-Fi Sharing with QR Codes

Finally, Android Q OS offers Wi-Fi sharing with QR codes. It is very easy to use. You just need to tap on the Wi-Fi connection first. After that, tap “Share” button and then authenticate with the password or fingerprint of your phone.

Here, you see QR Code and let your friend to scan it to get access. Of course, many android users will love it so much.

Security Updates from Google Play Store

Security Updates from Google Play Store
Security Updates from Google Play Store

On android 10, you can update the security easier and faster. It does not require you to wait for the approval from the operator. You can get the security update from Google Play Store.

In addition, it also does not require a long process of installation. Unfortunately, some vulnerability cannot be patched.