In early 2020 the gadget world was shocked by the advent of the C2s Realme. Launched in Thailand, this phone is priced at a fantastic price, which is 1,290 baht.

Realme c2s
Realme c2s

Interestingly, with a very cheap price, the specifications of the Realm C2s are also no joke. Then how about the full specifications? Consider the following review.


Android OS Pie 9.0

In terms of software, C2s Realme uses the Android OS Pie with ColorOS 6.1. This is what distinguishes between Real C2s and Real C2 that use ColorOS 6.0. Android Pie is the latest Android operating system even though several other smart phones are already using Android 10.

Mediatek Helio P22 Processor

To support a variety of applications that are quite heavy today, the C2s Realme is equipped with a Mediatek Helio P22 processor. This processor is good enough to simply run various applications without experiencing lag even though it does not have outstanding performance. Helio also does not really make the phone heat up quickly.

3GB RAM and 32GB ROM

The memory capacity of the C2s Realme can be said to be standard for today’s affordable mobile phones. This mobile phone is supported by 3 GB of RAM which is capable of running many applications at one time. For internal storage, C2s Realme provides space with a capacity of 32 GB which can be added with external memory up to 256 GB.

Dual Cameras

Realme C2s Camera Designs

Mobile targeting the lower middle segment is equipped with dual main cameras with a capacity of 13 MP for primary cameras and 2 MP for secondary cameras. At the front, users can take selfies with a 5 MP camera. For a fairly affordable price, this is still fairly reasonable.

Screen Resolution

In terms of design, the C2s Realme carries a 6.1-inch screen with HD + resolution. Although not yet reached full HD, the resulting image is still comfortable in the eye. Using the bangs screen with waterdrop at the top makes this smartphone have a contemporary look. Unfortunately for color variants, C2s Realme only has one variant, namely black diamond.

Rhino Battery

Not kidding, Realme C2s has a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh. Mobile phones with batteries like this can last all day and are very suitable if used when traveling a considerable distance. Of course the risk of mobile phones with large capacity batteries is that it takes a long time to charge.

Price of C2s Realme

What seizes the public’s attention from the launch of the C2s Realme is the price. With specifications that are so qualified, this phone is only priced at 1,290 baht or if converted in rupiahs is equivalent to Rp. 600,000.00. Really a very affordable price to get a mobile phone specifications above one million.

Plus Points

Realme C2s Plus Points

Affordable price

The real advantage of C2s is that the price is very affordable. With the specifications as above, the price should be set at one million and above. However, C2s Realme dares to offer prices equivalent to Rp. 600,000.00. Of course, to get a qualified mobile phone specifications, the price is very cheap.

Usually a new status cellphone with an equivalent price will only have 2GB of RAM at most. If for the second condition, it might still be possible to get a cellphone with 3GB RAM. So, this is a very good advantage.

Excellent features

Furthermore, at an affordable price, the C2s Realme is not stingy about specifications and features. With this money, you can already get a smart phone with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. In addition, the OS used is Android Pie. This certainly will support users to open many applications at once without lag.

Strong battery

Don’t forget the power of this one. The battery that is embedded in the Realm C2s has a capacity of 4,000 mAh. This size is certainly very enough to be used all day without having to repeatedly charge the cellphone. When you travel far and long, you don’t need to worry about running out of battery when you’re not carrying a powerbank.

Present design

Realm C2s has a design that is quite contemporary, namely bangs with waterdrop at the top for the front camera. This is certainly very good when compared to similar priced cellphones that might not have such designs. Black diamond color is also good and pleasing to the eye to carry anywhere.


Finally, the processor contained in the C2s Realme already uses an octa-core 2.0 GHz cortex-A53 and is supported with a GE8320 PowerVr GPU. With the MT6762 Helio P22 mediatek chipset, this phone is ready to run quite heavy applications smoothly.

Minus Points

Only 1 Design

Although it has a contemporary design with a black diamond model, unfortunately for those who do not like the design, there is no other alternative. This is because the C2s Realme only has 1 variant. Of course this is a drawback because other types of mobile phones must have at least 2 variants of design and color to capture a wider market.

The Camera is not Very Good

The camera that is embedded in the C2s Realme is indeed quite good because it has a capacity of 12 MP for the rear camera and 5 MP for the front camera. However, for the purposes of shooting higher quality, such capacity is still lacking so that it will not produce extraordinary images, but only mediocre.

Still HD +

C2s Realme resolution is 720 x 1560 pixels HD +. This resolution is actually quite good. However, for some people who are used to using mobile phones with full HD resolution, this will definitely feel less and a little annoying. Graphics when viewing videos will not be maximal and less tangible.

The Screen is Too Big

Realme C2s has a 6.1 inch screen size. For some people this size may be too large. The standard size suitable for Indonesian hands is the range of 4-5.5 inches. The size of 5.5 inches sometimes still feels quite large and difficult to put in a pocket. Therefore, the size of this phone can be said to be less friendly.

New to Thailand

Finally, what makes you have to be a little disappointed is the new C2s Realme can be obtained in his country, namely Thailand. Even then, if you buy in Thailand and bring it to Indonesia, it is still uncertain whether the cellphone supports the provider network in Indonesia.

Therefore, to use it you have to wait for official information from the developer whether it can be used outside of Thailand or not.

Based on the above review, with such an affordable price and pretty good specifications, the C2s Realme will certainly be a game material among gadget lovers, especially for the middle class.

However, for users outside Thailand, it should be less patient until there is a notification from the developer whether the cellphone is ready to be distributed to other countries.