Samsung became one of the smartphone brands that offer elegant design with the best specs. Moreover, display settings that look very elegant indeed become an important part of the whole experience and user interface. Maybe Samsung Galaxy S9 can provide a different experience to get the quality features and settings of the maximum specification. Each of the specifications that integrated on this smartphone also looks very ideal. In addition, elegant design that displayed on this smartphone also looks perfect with display settings.

Samsung Galaxy S9 review considered to give effect to all the considerations and decisions of the features provided. The users will get an impressive display design and a very impressive front camera placement. Some details of this design also supported with many color choices. This smartphone offers several color recommendations consisting of Titanium Gray, Sunrise Gold, Midnight Black, Coral Blue and others. This elegant appearance looks very perfect with all the specs.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has Elegant Body and Luxurious Design

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

Details of the Samsung Galaxy S9 review does involve a design change from the previous version. In fact, the ratio of the display provided also looks very perfect. The side of the frame provided for this smartphone uses aluminum material. Moreover, the applied integration considered to be an important part with different patterns. Of course this application becomes the calculation of the whole case appearance. Luxury appearance given on this smartphone also support by additional glass material for front and back on the case. This detail becomes an important calculation with more different implementations.

Samsung also provides protection of the display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 given to the front case. This will help the smartphone protected from scratches that occur due to falling or some objects. This display feature is indeed ideal for this luxury smartphone. Moreover, the ratio of the display provided 83.6 percent of the size of the body. This makes the display look very attractive and front camera settings also found on the top display. Other protection features provided on this smartphone also comes with IP68 dust and water proof. Users also need not worry about support from this protection feature.

The appearance of impressive display on Samsung Galaxy S9 is very different compared to other smartphones. The ratio of displays is almost comprehensive is considered very interesting. Moreover, the display on this smartphone also uses Super AMOLED. The display size on this smartphone reaches 5.8 inches and has a maximum resolution of up to 1440 x 2960 pixels. Details of this impressive display will look very perfect with the support of multitouch features.

Main Specification with Great Chipset

Samsung Galaxy S9

The impressive specs are also part of the Samsung Galaxy S9 review. This smartphone powered with excellent specifications. Of course this specification will relate to detail chipset which given Samsung. This smartphone has a collaboration chipset involving Exynos 9810 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. Each of the chipsets has performance with Quad Core 2.7 GHz Mongoose M3 and Quad Core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A55. Of course this chipset will produce a very perfect performance of Octa Core.

The integration of graphical performance displayed on this chipset is also equipped with Mali-G72 MP18. However, other versions of this smartphone also use Adreno 630. Of course this graphics chipset support will provide an impressive experience. Moreover, the performance support of this specification will integrated with the ideal through the Android operating system 8.0 which will get updates in accordance with the current version. There are many features that can used to maximize performance from the main specifications.

Improved performance of this smartphone also tailored to the memory capacity and internal storage. There are several recommended options of storage capacity to choose from. Some of the internal storage capacity options consist of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. The memory power for this smartphone is also excellent with the support of 4 GB of RAM. Samsung provides additional features of external storage slot with microSD format. Additional features of this external storage can reach 512 GB.

Camera and Ideal Features

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Some other features provided on the Samsung Galaxy S9 review involves the camera. Samsung offered a feature for this smartphone is not comparable with other latest products. Moreover, this smartphone can only rely on 12 MP for main camera with support f / 1.5-2.4 lenses. Features for the main camera also composed of panorama, Auto HDR and LED Flash. The video resolution of this camera should also still on 2160 pixels.

Samsung also provides other features through the front camera with 8 MP and f / 1.7 lens integration. Features provided for this front camera with dual video call and Auto HDR. Unfortunately, the specifications given to the camera Samsung smartphone considered not able to beat the latest smartphone range. Moreover, the features and applications of the camera from this smartphone also consist of some parts that are not too new. This is of course because this smartphone has long introduced to the users so that Samsung has also prepared the latest version of this smartphone.

There are several other important features that can take into account from this smartphone. The users will get Samsung DeX support which makes it easy to integrate with desktop via smartphone. In addition, features of fast battery and wireless charging should also take into account. This should do to facilitate the experience in a fairly fast time. Other features offer by Samsung also involves Bixby natural language. Bixby will offer commands and dictation experience through sound or photo. This will provide an impressive experience for all users. All the additional features also tailored to the update of the Android 8.1 operating system that can done manually. This will also have a huge effect on the performance of the main specifications.

Some users can also get the gaming experience through the ideal specifications on offer. Moreover, this smartphone is also equipped with support Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh. This enormous capacity will allow users to play games or video in a long time. Of course this battery capacity also supported with the features of fast charging is ideal.

Elegant design and the main specifications of this smartphone are still less good than the latest version of other brands. To get experience using from Samsung Galaxy s9 of course you have to spend about $ 900.