Realme is one of the smartphone brands that is increasingly rising. This Chinese smartphone brand is competing with several brands that dominated the smartphone market in Indonesia.

Smartphone Realme X50

Do not want to miss from others, A few days ago Realme also released its first 5G product, the X50 5G Realme. This sophisticated mobile phone from Realme was released exactly on January 7, 2020 yesterday in Beijing, China.

This phone is made for mid-tier class, with a fairly affordable price benchmark. Despite being a middle class phone, it seems that the X50 5G Realme is made with sophisticated sophistication.

Especially with the 5G embed, where 5G network technology has a speed 100 times compared with the technology that now exists. Even though the 5G network in Indonesia itself hasn’t been launched yet, it doesn’t hurt to get to know which cellphones support the network first.

Smartphone Specifications

For those who want to know more details about the innards of the X50 5G Realme along with its toughness in various aspects, the following is a description.


To support the newer 5G technology, the X50 5G Realme uses a Qualqomm Snapdragon 765G processor. This processor is fairly new and it looks like there are still only a few phones that use Snapdragon 765G, one of which is the X50 5G Realme.

The new System on Chip from Qualcomm is very supportive for various activities. In addition to supporting 5G, it is also very capable for gaming.

According to Xi Qu Chase as Chief Marketing Officer of Realme while at Hey Now Art Center, Beijing, China in the launch of this one cellphone, he said that thanks to this new processor, energy consumption spent could be reduced by 30%. In addition, he said that this processor is indeed known as a gaming CPU, also already using the 7nm process.

From this information, we certainly hope that the X50 5G Realme engine can be used for sufficient smartphone activities, such as playing heavy games without being interrupted by batteries that run out quickly.

Plus 5G technology which is faster even though who knows when it will start activated in Indonesia. However, the hope for game lovers is that by using the X50 5G Realme, playing games will be free from annoying laging problems.

Then, what about the RAM and ROM capacity that is owned? Is it also capable for game players? It seems to be fine, because the new smartphone from Realme is equipped with RAM with two choices, namely 6GB or 8GB.

You can choose one as needed. As for the internal capacity, there are 128GB or 256GB. It’s just that there is no special slot for microSD, so you have to be satisfied with the memory capacity.

Maybe the problem of availability of this slot can be a consideration for those who need a lot of memory in one cellphone. However, the actual capacity of the internal memory is quite large, even for gamers though.

Design and Dimensions

For those who like long-sailed phones, the possibility of this X50 5G Realme will fulfill your wishes. This latest smartphone has a 6.57 inch screen dimensions, with an IPS LCD screen that will make the screen display clear and strong. The screen resolution is also high, reaching 1080 x 2400 pixels, with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Realme X50 5G Variants

To make this phone resistant to scratches when falling or colliding with hard objects, the front and back have been protected by Gorilla Glass 5. We know for yourself that Gorilla Glass 5 is now widely used on the latest mobile phones because it is able to provide enough extra protection to the body smartphone.

This time, the X50 5G Realme also chose the punch hole design that you can see on the front camera. This design seems to be the first time applied by Realme, the article Realme design that was previously dominated by bangs or water drop screens. However, along with the punch hole screen design that is gaining in popularity, the Realme X50 5G also doesn’t want to be left behind.

For those who don’t know, the punch hole design is a design on a smartphone screen where the camera hole is not placed on the bazel, but directly on the smartphone screen. This will make the screen display wider, and even without the need for a bazel, the front camera can still be placed properly.


Realme X50 5G, in addition to prioritizing aspects of gaming performance and 5G technology, also did not forget to put the best camera. This smart phone is equipped with 6 cameras, 4 cameras on the back, and 2 cameras on the front.

The main camera is placed on the back with a resolution reaching 64MP, then to perfect the use of the main camera, also equipped with a 12 MP periscope camera capable of 5x optical zoom, and also a hybrid zoom up to 20x.

Realme X50 5G Camera

Not to forget, there is an 8MP ultrawide sensor camera and a camera with a 2MP macro sensor. These four cameras will make the experience of photographing various objects more enjoyable.

Periscope camera you can use to take pictures of distant objects that you cannot approach, with results that are not inferior to cameras in general. While the ultra wide camera can really help you capture images with a broader field of view, suitable for photographing scenes.

Then for the front camera, there are two cameras, namely with a 16MP main camera and an 8MP ultrawide camera. The ultrawide camera on the front is very helpful for those of you who want to take selfies in a busy life, because this camera will make a wide field of view and your friends can be photographed perfectly.

Do not miss, this camera phone also has a Max Mode UIS feature, coupled with Live video bokeh. There is also an ultra wide angle video so taking wider video images. There is also slow motion 960fps. For the front camera there is also a Group Beauty feature so that all selfie faces will look even more beautiful.

Other Features

Then, what about the other features of the X50 5G Realme?
As an Android phone, of course this cellphone is equipped with the latest Android, which is Android 10 with Realme UI which is suitable for today’s children.

Do not forget, there is a fingerprint sensor embedded. However, in contrast to the placement of the fingerprint sensor which is usually behind, this sensor is placed next to the cellphone.

Other features such as Bluetooth 5.0, dual-SIM, NFC, Dolby Atmos for a more powerful and free sound experience, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and various other features suitable for today’s mobile users.


For those interested in this phone, there are two colors you can choose, namely glacia silver and polar blue.
In its release for the Chinese market, the price of the X50 5G Realme is priced at different prices. Prices are determined according to specifications given.

  • For the X50 5G Realme type 8GB / 128 GB priced at 2,499 Yuan (around Rp. 4,968,642).
  • For the 6GB / 256GB type priced at 2,699 Yuan (around Rp. 5,365.9500).
  • For the type 12GB / 256GB priced at 2,999 Yuan (around Rp. 5,962,768).
  • The 12GB / 256GB Master Edition is priced at 3,099 Yuan (around Rp. 6,161,199).

Until now there is no certainty whether the phone with affordable specifications is okay this will come to Indonesia or not. Just hope that this X50 5G Realme will come to the Indonesian market soon.