Ready to wait for the latest mobile phone output from this Realme? Realme is preparing to launch its newest cellphone, Realme 5i in Indonesia on 15 January. Realme itself is a smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Realm was founded by Sky Li in 2018, precisely on May 4.

Realm first appeared in Indonesia on October 9, 2018. Products carried at that time were C1 Realm, Realm 2, and Realm 2 Pro. Practical reality has become the target of many people because the device is equipped with slick specifications but priced at a very affordable price.

Realme 5i

Even this one mobile brand managed to enter the list of top 10 global smartphone brands, no wonder the demand is increasing every year. By carrying the tagline “Dare to Leap”, Realme illustrates the courage of young people in creating new breakthroughs that are increasingly innovative.

Entering 2020, Realme will launch its newest cellphone from the Realme 5 series, namely Realme 5i. This smart phone was first launched in Vietnam and India on 6 and 9 January. Many are waiting for the presence of this smartphone, because the Realme 5i is equipped with qualified specifications.

So what are the specifications offered by this new phone? No need to linger, let’s look at the following article!

Equipped with Quad-Camera

Realme 5i is equipped with a quad-camera with a main camera resolution of 12 MP with f / 1.8 aperture. The second camera has an ultra-wide 8 MP resolution, with a camera range of up to 119 degrees. Camera Realme 5i has also been supported by the Super Night Mode feature, so you can still produce high quality photos even in dark conditions.

Realme 5i With Quad Camera
Realme 5i With Quad Camera

The other two cameras consist of a 2 MP resolution depth sensor camera and a 2 MP resolution ultra-macro camera. Do not forget the camera for video calls and selfie photos that have a resolution of 8 MP. Not only that, the main camera of this phone is capable of recording videos up to 4K resolution at 30 fps.

You can also make slow motion videos at 120 fps. This device is also equipped with an image stabilizer feature or EIS, Electronic Image Stabilization which is useful to minimize the existence of motion blur when you take photos.

The four rear cameras have a vertical arrangement located in the upper left corner. Do not forget, this smartphone is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner or fingerprint scanner that allows you to open your phone quickly just by sticking your finger.

Solid Screen Panel

Realme 5i Solid Screen Panel
Realme 5i Solid Screen Panel

For the screen panel, Realme 5i has a 6.5 inch IPS type screen which has a resolution of 720 x 1,600 pixels or HD +. IPS screen itself has advantages that can give the impression of natural color on the screen. The screen can also still be seen clearly even if you are in direct sunlight.

This phone is also equipped with waterdrop notch or bangs like water droplets, with the screen brightness reaching 480 nits. Not only that, the panel is also protected by a scratch-resistant and impact coating, Gorilla Glass version 3+.

Battery capacity of 5000 mAh

Realme 5i is equipped with a large enough battery capacity, which is 5000 mAh. With a capable battery capacity, you can watch streaming videos and movies on Youtube for 19.1 hours nonstop, and play online games for 9.4 hours non-stop.
Not only that, this smartphone is also equipped with 10W fast charging feature, which allows you to shorten the time when charging the cell phone battery.

Excellent Performance with Snapdragon 665 Chipset

Realme 5i is armed with a Snapdragon 665 AIE chipset integrated with the Adreno 610 GPU and 11 nm fabrication, so that this smart phone device has maximum performance but the battery power consumption is still efficient. In addition, Realme 5i chooses ColorOS 6.1 as its interface, based on Android Pie 9.0.

Extra Storage Capacity

To support the maximum performance of this device, Realme 5i is supported with 3/4 GB RAM capacity, and 32/64 GB internal storage which can be expanded with a microSD card up to 256 GB. With a large enough storage capacity, can help minimize the occurrence of hangs on the device when using multitasking.

Comes In Two Attractive Color Variants

Realme 5i will come in two attractive color variants, namely Green and Blue. Unlike its predecessors, Realme 5 and Realme 5S which have body designs with diamond or diamond finishing, Realme 5i will be enhanced with a gradient body finishing design with a slightly rough touch to create more comfort when held.

Realistic 5i prices in Indonesia

The price set for this smart phone is very affordable, which is around Rp. 1 million. For 3/32 GB types, it will be priced at Rp 1.9 million. As for the 4/64 GB type, it will be priced at Rp 2.3 million. Of course the price offered for mid-range class phones with full specifications like the Realme 5i is very affordable.

Realme 5i Includes Mid-Range Class Phones, Here Are the Advantages!
With super-complete specifications, it’s no wonder Realme 5i is included in the mid-range or mid-range mobile phones. And it turns out mobile phones at this level have various advantages, what are they?

The price is standard and fits in the bag

Mid-range smartphones are generally priced at around Rp. 2 million to 5 million. The price is considered appropriate and affordable for middle class people. Although the price is quite affordable, the specifications offered are no less complete and no joke. Even mid-range class phones can last long enough.

Not lose with Flagship

Mid-range level mobile phones even though they have quite a large price difference from flagship phones, but make no mistake, mid-range phones are not including cheap phones. Even though the price is much cheaper, you can get a cellphone with flagship equivalent specifications, in terms of materials and technology used.

You will not regret if you choose a cell phone with an intermediate or mid-range level. If in general flagship phones are equipped with the latest technology, but the fact is that many people still choose middle class phones. Because mid-range smartphones are generally equipped with various features and technologies that are not only sophisticated but useful, so they won’t be wasteful.

Qualified Hardware and Software

Although priced at an affordable price, a mid-range or mid-range smartphone is equipped with good and capable hardware and software, such as Realme 5i which is equipped with 3/4 GB RAM capacity. With a large enough RAM capacity, it allows you to play games for a long time and use multitasking without going hang.

Well, that was a complete specification with prices for Realme 5i which will soon be entering the Indonesian market soon. Are you ready to welcome the presence of this smartphone? If so, immediately prepare a pocket from now on.