Recommended smartphone with the best specs may be able to consider OnePlus 6. Improved performance and quality of the given specifications considered will provide the best user experience. Highly elegant design and screen size is also a major consideration for users. Of course this smartphone is also equipped with the latest operating system support that comes with interface changes and integration on the main specifications. You can create OnePlus 6 review as one of the considerations that will make the decision to be ideal.

Just like other smartphones, OnePlus also provides enhanced camera support. This should do so that the user experience can also create excellent video and photos. Some integrated applications for the camera also considered to be an important part of the desired video and photo content. Users can make this smartphone for vlogging in a long time.

Change design with very elegant

OnePlus 6 review involves design changes that appear very elegant. The size of the entire body also adjusted to the screen. Moreover, layers from several sides of the frame using aluminum material with the best quality. Additional other details for this smartphone is also equipped with glass material for the front and rear body. The elegant and luxurious appearance of the case of course integrated with various color options. OnePlus offers several color-based recommendations like Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Amber Red and Silk White. All color options like this can also look very ideal with the size and layer material.

The elegant design given for this smartphone also has an adjustment to the screen size. This smartphone uses Optic AMOLED on all parts of the display. The size of this display reaches 6.28 inch. Moreover, users will also get an impressive display experience with a resolution capacity of 1080 x 2280 pixels. The power of the screen like this gives a huge impact to the using experience. Users can also make this smartphone to play some games.

This smartphone is also equipped with additional protection that applied to some parts of the display. This onscreen protection feature using Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is equipped with the latest DCI-P3 and Oxygen OS. Improved protection for displays is quite ideal. Moreover, smartphone users also do not have to worry when the screen touches other sharp objects. The impressive display performance also integrated with the best Multitouch features with very different patterns. This also should do with the settings of the operating system.

Impressive main specification

The best specification that became an important part of OnePlus 6 review did have a huge impact. This smartphone has increased chipset, memory capacity and more. Each of these specifications will also influence the user experience. This smartphone uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset with Octa Core CPU support. However, the power of the CPU for this smartphone consists of Quadcore 1.7 GHz Kryo 385 Silver and Quadcore 2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold. Integration of the graphics capabilities provided also involves the Adreno 630 which provides ease to the entire application and gaming performance improvements.

Storage and memory capacity offered also consists of several options. Of course such capacity calculations tailored to the required capabilities. The memory capacity of 8 GB RAM will be integrated with 128 and 256 GB of internet storage. In addition, this smartphone also offers 6 GB of RAM which has 64 GB of internal storage support. The large capacity will not support with external storage. Moreover OnePlus also does not provide additional memory slot for external. This is of course a consideration for the users to choose a smartphone with a larger storage capacity.

All the performance of this main specification supported with the latest operating system from Android. The users will get an interesting experience from Android 8.1 or Oreo. There are many features that can use with the maximum. In addition, the video and gaming experience offered for this smartphone is also very impressive. Integration of the performance specifications and the latest operating system of course will facilitate this smartphone works with the utmost.

Main camera and features

OnePlus 6 back

Another consideration of OnePlus 6 review of course with the power of the camera integrated with the maximum. OnePlus offers the best cameras that have different features. This smartphone equipped with a double camera for main position. This double camera consists of 16 MP with f / 1.7 lenses and 20 MP which is also equipped with the same lens. Additional features provided for this camera comes with Dual LED Flash, Panorama and HDR. In addition, the integration of camera features provided is also a major consideration with video resolution reaching 2160 pixels.

Other details should give this smartphone through the camera feature with the power on the front detail. OnePlus 6 also has front camera support with 16 MP. This camera comes with f / 2.0 lenses. The main feature of the front camera is also almost the same as the main camera with Auto HDR support. Such camera capability considered to make it easy for users to do vlogging. Moreover, the maximum resolution of this camera also reaches 1080 pixels.

There are many impressive features that applied for this smartphone. Some interesting feature sensors consist of accelerometer, proximity, up to Fingerprint. The placement of the fingerprint sensor is also on the rear that facilitates activation. All parts of this feature will integrated seamlessly through a variety of performance improvements from Android operating system updates. In addition, the use of some features is also very easy because of the excellent interface support.

The main specifications are very impressive on this smartphone does give effect to the desired experience. It also included taking into account the capacity of the given battery. Moreover, recommendations like this also provide convenience to the performance of some specifications. This smartphone equipped with a very large battery capacity with Non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh. A reasonably fast charging method also integrated for this smartphone. Excellent battery performance support will make users make this smartphone as one of the ideal gaming device.

The entire feature updates and support specifications impressive for OnePlus 6 also tailored to the price tag. To get experience from this smartphone you have to spend about $ 600.