As per the latest rumors, Apple will again make the iPhone thinner. The iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7 inches will be thinner than its predecessor and also with a larger camera sensor.

This new report will also discuss 4 new iPhone 12 models in 2020 and all of them will feature an OLED screen.

This report comes from Mac Otakara who has sources in Appleā€™s supply chain in China. Mac Otakara has a good track record in Apple rumors.

Apple Size Models

Iphone 12
Iphone 12

The site reports that there will be 4 iPhone 12 models launched in 2020, in the following sizes:

  • 5.4 inches
  • Two 6.1-inch models
  • 6.7 inches

If a 4.7-inch iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9 is added to this list, the number of iPhones to be released in 2020 will be five.

Is fragmentation in the arrangement of the iPhone a good thing? Because this was something Apple had opposed, at that time. One of the reasons Apple spent money in the 90s was because of product fragmentation.

Mac Otakara explains more about the dimensions and physical features of this new iPhone.

Iphone 12 Models
Iphone 12 Models

Following is the text discussed through MacRumors:

  • The 6.7-inch model will have a thickness of around 7.4mm, which is 10% higher than the iPhone 11 Pro Max at 8.1mm.
  • The Fourth Model of the new iPhone will have an OLED display and Face ID.
  • The height of the 5.4 inch model between the iPhone SE and iPhone 8, while the 6.1 inch iPhone model will have a height between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.
  • The 6.7-inch model will be slightly higher than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • The 5.4 inch model and the 6.1 inch lower end will have a rear rear camera that is compatible with the iPhone 11.
  • The 6.7-inch model will have a three-lens rear camera with a sensor larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • 5.4 inches, 6.7 inches, and the number of one 6.1-inch models will have a number of different microphone holes at the bottom.

It is important to note that many rumors have also been published by Ming-Chi Kuo analysts and other sources.

Iphone 12 Pro Max

Iphone 12 Pro Max
Iphone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is expected to be an ultra-premium model for 2020 and will only be available as a 5G model. There are reports that it might be the first iPhone to support Apple Pencil.

A Bionic A14 chip and 3D camera sensor will also be part of this new smartphone.