Last year or 2018 smartphone with 6GB of RAM can still be counted on the fingers huh. I remember, in 2018 there was a Vivo V9 which had 6GB of RAM and was priced at around Rp. 4 million. And in my opinion, that price is worth it enough to get an Android smartphone that has 6GB of RAM. Yes, as you all know, the more RAM is 6GB of RAM, definitely better for multitasking and also for playing games of course. Well, a year later, this year, in 2019,

I can’t imagine, there is an Android smartphone with 6GB RAM which is on sale cheaply by one of its smartphone brands, just call it Infinix. Not Rp. 3 million, not Rp. 2 million, but this Infinix smartphone with 6GB of RAM is priced at Rp. 1 million! Hmm, is this the new king in the entry-level class?


Infinix Hot 7 Pro Review
Infinix Hot 7 Pro Review

Speaking of design, Infinix Hot 7 Pro still has the same design DNA as its predecessor, the Hot 6X. Why do I say similar? Because the first, the dual-cameraman arrangement is vertical. Then, in terms of material, they both use metal material and there is a fingerprint scanner behind it.

Then, on the front there is an 18: 9 fullscreen screen that still uses a wide notch style of the iPhone X. Yes, for now, smartphones with metal bodies are increasingly rare, right? Because now the ‘kantren of smartphones with glossy surfaces that have colorful gradations and enough show off-able.

But to be honest, I’m still quite comfortable with a metal-bodied smartphone. Because, the first one I did not need to frequently darken the body. It still looks clean. Secondly, I often keep my smartphone in my pocket and in that pocket there are also coins and motorcycle keys.

If you use a smartphone with a glossy body, surely the body will often be scratched. Well, with a metal body like this will feel more secure. Oh yeah, one of the things I like about Infinix smartphones is the screen, I mean the color tone of the screen.

The color feels more pop up, more out of color. Yes, this is arguably the smart way for Infinix to cover the Hot 7 Pro screen resolution which turns out to be 720p or HD + yes for fullscreen screen sizes. I have no problem with that, which is important to use for watching YouTube or Netflix, it’s still comfortable. And most importantly, the screen of the Infinix Hot 7 Pro still looks clear when used in the hot sun. This is what I need.


In terms of UI or User Interface, Infinix Hot 7 Pro uses XOS, and now the latest version is version 5.0, which according to me is getting lighter now. Why? Yes, the first XOS 5.0 base is now Android Pie 9 which is more fluid in exploring the menu.

Second, XOS with the codename ‘Cheetah’ now also has an appearance that is increasingly similar to Android Stock. So, views that are not important have been trimmed by this latest version of XOS. Even though there are still some bloatware that can still be uninstalled.

Well, of all the features that exist in this latest XOS there is one feature that I use quite often that is called Smart Panel. So, for example when I open 1 social media application, then I try to open the second application then I don’t need to go back to the homescreen then open the appdrawer and look for the second application earlier.

Well, here is the role of the Smart Panel that functions to collect several applications that we often use everyday. So, it has been set or entered into Smart Panel so that when I want to open the application both I can simply access the Smart Panel which can be accessed from the left or right side of the screen. And that position can be shifted yes.

No less interesting, features such as screenshots and screen recording can also be accessed from this Smart Panel. It’s more practical, right?! Oh yes, the Privacy and Security features are also being worked on seriously in this latest XOS.

The bio metric sensor is also quite complete, can tap finger using fingerprint scanner or can deposit face via face unlock to unlock smartphone. And there is one more feature that can monitor “rogue” applications that try to record your activities on your smartphone doing screen recording in the background RAM.


Now, in this Hot 7 Pro, 6GB of RAM is not half-hearted! Yes, with this wide RAM, I can do many things for multitasking. And I can open several applications at once and I minimize, but the performance is still smooth. But, this actually makes me even more curious about the specs of 6GB RAM innards on Hot 7 Pro is really really good, isn’t it? Or for the sake of low prices, even given the specs of cans? It turns out that suudzon is not good huh?! Especially in the fasting month.

So, at that time I was able to check the innards through the DevCheck and BOOM app! This 6GB RAM has a configuration that I think is pretty god huh. So, this 6GB RAM already uses a dual-channel LPDDR4X configuration. 4X yes! Not just 4 only. Because, usually for smartphones in this price range on average still use LPDDR3 or LPDDR4.

In addition, the clockspeed is also quite speeding at 1600 MHz. And this is a very, very luxurious specification for a smartphone of Rp. 1 million. For RAM management, I think it’s good enough here. There is almost no serious lag when I open many applications at once. I also had a test of this 6GB RAM performance, to what extent? At that time I opened 15-20 applications at once and all I locked, so as not to be killed by the background system.

Up to a point where the RAM consumption reaches 5GB, which means there is still about 1GB of free space, but of course it is not possible to use this 6GB of RAM all the time because it will definitely force it to close or restart the smartphone. Now, in addition to 6GB of RAM, 64GB of Storage also becomes a sexy section of Infinix Hot 7 Pro.

For smartphones with a price range of Rp 1-2 million, most of them are stuck with 32GB of Storage. But, there is definitely a price. Yes, in order to reduce production costs, there must be something sacrificed and in my opinion quite fatal, because what is sacrificed here is the spur kitchen sector, which is usually the main heart of the smartphone.


Yes, the SOC or System On Chip used in Hot 7 Pro feels very flat when juxtaposed with 6GB RAM especially for gaming needs. Well, the SOC or System On Chip used in Hot 7 Pro is Helio P22. The specifications are of course still above the Helio A22 Smart 3 Plus.

If Smart 3 Plus is 4-core, the Helio P22 is already 8-core. Although clockspeed is the same, at 2 GHz. Then how is the performance when used to play games? Infinix Hot 7 Pro feels like struggling when used to play the Asphalt 9 Legend game.

The texture and details did come out all, but it looks like the PowerVR GPU didn’t kick in when rendering 3D graphics filled with visual effects. Oops, if this is clearly not very comfortable to use to play games. Out of curiosity, I tried another heavy game, the Super Mecha Champions, which was being played once and was played by many friends.

Here, the game runs at 17 fps, where the character’s movements still feel broken. And this is clearly really uncomfortable for the size of a battle royale game that requires hand speed in shooting or avoiding enemies. The new Hot 7 Pro feels smoother when used to play Marvel Future Fight.

But, here I do not recommend playing it in High Frame Rate mode huh! Because still you will not get a high fps there are even broken graphics when the hero issued a lot of skills. Yes, playing at 35 fps is still quite comfortable. Then what if used to play games like PUBG Mobile? Here you will get the default graphic settings on the left align.

Get stuck using the Smooth-Medium setting to be able to play it comfortably. So far the performance is still okay if compared to the 2 previous games. Although in performance, the Helio P22 is somewhat mediated, but this chipset has been equipped with AI technology that is getting smarter.

Yes, this AI can be implemented for many things ranging from system task management, batteries to the camera. Speaking of cameras, this Hot 7 Pro has an AI based camera and has the same ISP or Image Signal Processing as the flagship version of the Helio X30. Yes, this ISP’s influence on camera performance is quite successful in making the shots topnotch in the entry-level class.


For photos outside during the day, this Hot 7 Pro camera shot is almost perfect. The AI camera doesn’t provide color tuning. In my opinion it still looks natural and also sharp. The shutter button is also responsive. I want to capture lots of objects in 1 time this smartphone camera is very fast.

Already so, the autofocus is also very fast. Well, for a smartphone of Rp. 1 million the details of this camera are amazing, champion! Sharpness is also still above average. But, like Infinix Smart 3 Plus, this AI camera can’t give detailed information about what object it is recognizing.

By the way, this AI camera can also give the best results for its bokeh mode. There is an additional 2MP depth sensor that is quite helpful to give a depth effect and can be adjusted manually as deep as the blur is. But the minus, the feature of adjusting the depth of the blur can only be done before taking a photo.

Well, for photos on indoordetail and the color is still the best, huh. Using this HDR mode really helps in balancing between the dark side and also the bright side. Maybe it’s just the auto-focus which is a little bit overdone when the photos are in poor lighting conditions. Then what about the lowlight photos?

Well, maybe here the camera performance is starting to drop huh. The details are starting to diminish, even though in terms of color it is still quite strong though. A wide lens opening at f / 1.8 is also quite helpful for taking photos of the night where more light is coming into the camera. And don’t need high ISO to make lowlight photos look brighter.

When other smartphones are using a notch that is increasingly minimal, the term waterdrop, Infinix Hot 7 Pro is still faithful to the wide notch a la iPhone X. Yes, actually it is not wasteful either, because the wide notch is filled with 2 front cameras plus LED Flash.

Interestingly, the configuration of the two front cameras is very similar to the configuration of the two rear cameras. You’re welcome 13MP + 2MP. The difference is, this front camera does not have autofocus and the lens opening at f / 2.0. Actually I don’t like to use the LED Flashlight through the back camera or front camera, especially for the front camera. The selfie using the LED Flash makes the photos glare at night.

But, yes, if you see the results, it is true that using this LED Flash gives better results because the additional light of this camera can capture facial details better. Then, the front camera also has a 2MP depth sensor that can be used for selfies using the bokeh effect.

Well, in my opinion the bokeh effect is still quite natural. The blur is not excessive. And this feature can also minimize the miss-blur that usually occurs in a smartphone with 1 front camera only. The business of taking photos, the Hot 7 Pro camera is indeed the champion in its class.

But, not for the video camera. Yes, the video camera is still the same as on Infinix Smart 3 Plus. Stuck in Full HD 30 fps without stabilization features. The results of the video are also not as sharp as Full HD videos in general. But, I want to say ugly, how hard is it because seeing the price of this smartphone which is already too cheap. The Infinix Hot Series is indeed known for having jumbo battery capacity. Included in this Infinix Hot 7 Pro.


Yes, the battery capacity is 4000 mAh. What is the battery life? Okay, I will tell my experience this week. So, at that time I unplugged the charger with the condition of the battery already full, 100% at 12:00 noon. Then I also use a smartphone to work, play social media, play games, photos, video camera tests, YouTube streaming streaming YouTubestream and almost everything you normally do on a smartphone, I also do it here.

And the battery starts sluggish at 7:00 the next day. That is, this 4000 mAh battery can last 1 more day. The screen on time itself is a champion, translates in almost 8 hours. That, too, I use for many things including active on social media, browsing, YouTube and also playing online games like PUBG Mobile for up to 2 hours which of course drains a lot of battery. The battery life results on PCMark are also impressive lasting almost 13 hours! With a screen brightness level of 50%.

Yes, the battery life above the average smartphone in this class certainly cannot be separated from the role of the low power chipset, the Helio P22, then the screen resolution is only HD, 720p and there is a power saving AI feature that will automatically limit the power consumption of applications that are rarely used.

Unfortunately, Infinix Hot 7 Pro is not equipped with fast charging technology so that the charging process can be faster. Yes, with a built-in charger that has an output of 5V / 2A or 10W, recharging the battery from 10% to 100% completely takes about 2 hours 30 minutes. It’s been a long time, not fast. Yes, it’s standard if it’s that long.


Okay, so the conclusion is Infinix Hot 7 Pro is suitable for who? The Helio P22 Chipset may be less friendly to you guys who are fond of playing heavy games on smartphones. Yes, it has been proven here that the large RAM and Storage cannot help much because the main heart for playing games on the smartphone is in the SOC, namely on the CPU and GPU.

Well, with RAM overflowing at 6GB in my opinion, this smartphone is designed for you who are fond of multitasking but tight budjet. When else will you be able to get a smartphone with 6GB RAM configuration and 64GB Storage, which is usually in the Rp 3 million class.

Yes, for non-gaming needs, Infinix Hot 7 Pro is still very reliable. Its performance for social media is really messing up, then it can still be accompanied by work on Googledrives while listening to music streaming on Spot and I no longer need to fear that its application will be suddenly killed by the system because of its vast RAM. The battery is also jumbo and the sensor is quite complete in its class.

And this is one of the reasons why Infinix Hot 7 Pro is ignored. The AI camera is also Yameski’s favorite for lowlight photos and the video camera makes me think again to make this smartphone as a daily driver. Oh yes, about the price of under Rp 2 million that is priced on this smartphone is the official price that you can get at Lazada.

So, I can’t guarantee that you will be able to get the same price as seeing this smartphone being sold at other online stalls or at physical retail stores. Cheap or expensive, everything comes back to taste, necessities and certainly your budjet. Okay, that’s all the review articles for Infinix Hot 7 Pro.