How to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer

Many people do love music. It is not just one for hobby and career. It is also for all people to enjoy and listen to. That is why it would be nice if people can share their music collection to each other. Would there be a way of how to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer? Luckily, there are many of them to consider. Using ApowerTrans is one of them. Let’s talk more of it below.

Steps to Follow to Use ApowerTrans

Among the available ways to do the transfer, cross-platform application is the simplest one to use. It is the kind of applications that can make wireless connection between phones. ApowerTrans is especially comprehensive for it allows transfer of various files with or without the network. Let us show you the procedure to use this. Follow the steps below in proper order to get things done right.

  • Download and Install App

To start things with in this music transfer procedure from Android to iPhone devices, you need to get the app of course. From each of the Android and the iPhone, enter Google Play or App Store. Search for an application called ApowerTrans. With Google Play or App Store, you should be able to find it easily and quickly. So, start looking.

Once you have spotted the app, there should be download or install button to be seen. Clicking on download button will allow you to install the app later. Clicking on install button will get you the app ready for use. Either way is fine since you will still get the app prepared for the needs. Of course, you can go with the one you prefer the most. Just make sure of it well prepared in both of those devices.

  • Open Software’s Hotspot

Start with the Android first. Once the app is opened, you will be brought to the app’s main interface. Look at the lower right corner and press the button with arrow-like symbol on it. Clicking this button will bring you to Radar interface. Using the radar means network is needed. It is what connects both phones without use of computer.

The procedure of how to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer then continues to finding the question mark icon on the top right corner of the Radar interface. Clicking on it will get you to the new interface where the hotspot feature’s in. Turn it on and the network will start helping you building the very connection you need for the phones to pick up each other without a computer.

  • Set Wi-Fi for Connection

Next, we need to change our attention to the iPhone device. On this device, you need to go to the Settings. Once you have the Settings interface opened, do set the WiFi. It is connected to the network by the name of Apowersoft. There is another way to do the same though. It can serve as your alternative. What could it be?

Transferring music from Android to iPhone with ApowerTrans will require you to tap on the question mark icon then. You should be able to find it on the Radar interface. Once you have found it, be sure to “Turn on WiFi” to get you choose the network and build the connection needed to successfully transfer music. Then, move on to the very next step and finish it with the last one in the procedure.

  • Establish Phones Connection

Then, work on this step of Android to iPhone music transfer without computer on the two devices. You will have to go back to the Radar interface. Once you are in, what you need to do next is to wait for detection. It shouldn’t take long for the phones to detect each other. Wait till the search is done and you can continue to the next step.

Avatar will show up on the app radar. Look for the correct one if other user is detected. Once you find it, all you need to do is to tap the icon and the connection will be established. This step should be done with that. It is just one step away before the last one. So, let’s continue and finish what needs to be done in this chance and enjoy the benefit of following the procedure to transfer music.

  • Transfer Music to the iPhone

There is not much to be done in the last step of the music transfer procedure from Android to iPhone devices. Here, what you need to do is to select the very music you want to share. This step can be done under the “Music” tab. Give the music checklist to make it clear what you want to transfer and proceed with it after that.

Once you are done doing the checklist, press “Send” button at the bottom of the interface for transfer. The selected music will immediately be on its way from Android to iPhone device. It shouldn’t take much time either. Wait until everything is done and check it on the iPhone before you close the app and cut off the connection between two phones along with the app being used too.


Now that we have reached the end of this article, you see that we can really transfer music without the use of computer. It is definitely easier and quicker than moving the music to the computer from Android first, then moving it to the iPhone next. Using app like this will make things easier and quicker for you. It is worth considering.

How to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer can be done according to the procedure explained above if you agree to use ApowerTrans. We don’t recommend for nothing, so you can very well believe that this app will be useful for you. You don’t even have to put as much effort as in the past with this app here. Other apps wouldn’t be that much different from it as well.