There are many latest smartphones that offer impressive specifications. However, some of the smartphones only rely on not much storage capacity. This condition will usually affect the entire usage of the application and file storage. You can get a smartphone with a larger storage capacity but it costs a lot. Of course this will make you use an additional SD card. Implementation like this requires very good additional arrangements. This will relate to how to move android apps to an SD card.

You have the opportunity to get an Android phone with very large internal storage capacity. However, opportunities like this must also adjusted to the specifications of the smartphone. Some smartphones with large capacity are usually like Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note and others. Each of these smartphones supported a large internal capacity. Of course this device has a very expensive price compared to other regular smartphones.

Influence of SD Card for applications on Android

There are some important things that you must take into account before applying how to move android apps to an SD card. The important functions of SD cards like this certainly have a huge influence on Android phones. Moreover, some applications that require a larger storage manager will look very perfect. Some applications with large capacity do require large storage. You cannot rely on integrated internal storage on an Android phone. This condition does make all parts of the system not run perfectly. In addition, other conditions used for recommendations like this will indeed make smartphones look very good.

Gaming and social apps are an important reason you have to use an additional SD card. Moreover, this storage capacity also makes it easy for you to maximize files such as photos and songs. The greater storage capacity offered for this SD card will usually make it easier for you to get the best functions from the system. This integration must also adjust to the conditions and specifications on the smartphone. Some of the latest smartphones make it easy for you to use an SD card with a capacity of up to 512 GB. The quality of the SD card also has a big influence on the function you want. There are many brands of SD cards that you can use. Of course the settings for using SD cards can apply very easily.

Large internal storage also considered to have a large influence on all files used. Usually this file will integrated with the quality of videos, photos and some downloaded files. Also consider the system settings needed on a smartphone to use applications with very large capacities. Some popular gaming apps do require greater capacity. This will make it easier for you to get different settings for the integrated system. In addition, the recommendations applied also make all operating system details different from other smartphones.

Easy way of how to move android apps to an SD card

Actually the ideal way that applied to how to move android apps to an SD card must adjusted to the system. The quality of the Android phone that you use also has a very large influence. This is also an important consideration for getting better results. These various settings are indeed an important part of the elements differently than other smartphones. You can use several easy ways without having to damage all files and systems from the application. In fact, the settings that applied to some of the latest smartphones can also facilitate the application very easily. This of course requires a larger SD card capacity.

Move installed apps to SD Card

1. Move installed apps to SD Card

Actually you can move several installed applications to SD card very easily. Even this method considered not to disturb the entire system. However, you should also consider supporting specifications of the smartphone for SD cards. Moreover, there are several installed applications that can move or not. Each of these applications will also offer the same function. You can also get a larger internal storage function. There are several smartphones that can support this method. Of course this system setting will make it easier for you to get better capacity. An easy way you can do like:

  1. Use SD cards with large capacity
  2. Check all parts of the SD card and the capacity that can used
  3. Open the manager application
  4. Tap the part of the application that will moved
  5. Then open the tab from the storage on the application
  6. Applications that can moved usually will have a change setting
  7. Tap change setting and select the SD card section
  8. After that, select Move in the options that are already available
  9. Use this method in all applications that will moved

2. SD card settings for internal storage on Android phones

The internal storage capacity offered by some smartphones is not too big. This you can consider using an additional SD card as an additional internal storage capacity. Moreover, the required settings are not too complicated. You only specify the capacity that will used to become internal storage on an Android smartphone. The greater the capacity of the SD card, of course, it will make it easier for you to store lots of files and applications. The specifications of the SD card also adjusted to the quality that will use. This gives effect to the system settings that will integrated. You can apply system settings for internal storage with SD cards such as:

  1. Use an SD card with a very large capacity
  2. Open the setting system on the Android smartphone
  3. Tap Storage on the system list
  4. Select the SD card tab displayed on the Android smartphone
  5. Then select the additional settings section in the upper right
  6. Tap 3 points from additional settings
  7. In that section there is an additional Storage Settings menu
  8. Tap Storage Settings
  9. There is an additional option from the button with Format as Internal
  10. Then choose Erase and Format
  11. After that, tap the Move Now button
  12. At the end of the Done tap
  13. Reboot your android phone 

After you make changes to the settings system on this smartphone, of course all additional files and applications will also be stored on the SD card. You must avoid replacing SD cards which will damage some systems. In addition, this method will also have a huge influence on the entire internal storage capacity system.