Twitter has just released an update for application users on the Android platform. This update has just been released with version number 8.28.

However, instead of patching up the problem, this update actually creates problems for the Twitter application on Android. After updating, the Twitter application on Android cannot be opened and crashes.

This problem was also confirmed by Twitter Supports on his official account. Quoted from his official account, Wednesday (1/22/2020), this problem has been known to Twitter and it is still investigating.

Twitter is currently working on improvements, but there is no indication when a working version of the application update will be released. The company hasn’t said anything about the cause of the problem, or suggested an official solution.

How to Fix

In this way, if Twitter is broken on your Android telephone and you urgently need to check what’s drifting, simply press-and-hang on the Twitter application symbol and tap the ‘I’ symbol around to open the App Info page.

Then again, you can find a workable pace on most Android telephones by tapping Settings > Apps and warnings > See all applications > Twitter.

How to Fix Twitter Crash
How to Fix Twitter Crash

Once on the App information page, open the ‘Capacity and reserve’ menu and tap ‘Clear stockpiling’ and ‘Clear store.’ It’s important some Android telephones may peruse ‘Clear information. Try not to stress, this won’t log you out: it just resets the application and its consents.

Twitter should now work, and when you dispatch it once more, it will request access to area and different authorizations as it did the first occasion when you propelled it.

How to Avoid

Even though Twitter hasn’t offered any advice on how to fix this problem, or avoid updating, it’s quite easy to do. Here is how to fix twitter crashed after update.

On the Google Play Store, find the Twitter page, tap the three dot menu at the top right of the screen and uncheck the Enable automatic update option.

If you have installed the update, there are a few suggestions you can do. You can delete Twitter Storage and Cache in the Application Settings section. Then download the previous Twitter application version (version 8.24.1) from the Mirror APK.