Android is people’s current means to communicate with each other. They enjoy sending messages more than making phone calls. Your storage must have held much important message, but we can lose them if we are not careful. How to backup text messages on Android without app then? Is such thing even possible? People usually use app after all. Here, let us tell you a way to take into account.

iSkysoft Toolbox to Backup Messages

You don’t always need the help of an app to backup text messages. If you want to find another way, you can use toolbox to use on computer instead. We might need to use both things, but what you need to do to backup your messages is not as complex and difficult as you think. This time, we will show you the way by using toolbox “iSkysoft”. We don’t choose random toolbox to suggest to you.

This particular one we have here promises easy backup with few simple clicks. It is sure to help backup messages, but it can work the same for other files as well. They include contacts, call logs, photos, videos, audio, documents, apps, and more. Let us show you the steps to back them up with this very toolbox here. Pay attention to them so you can do the backup on your own. So, here we go.

Launch Toolbox and Connect

First things first, backing up text messages on Android with toolbox requires you to download the tool on the Internet. Search one by the name of iSkysoft Toolbox. It shouldn’t be hard to get the intended one. Once you find the correct toolbox, do set it up on your own computer. This first step shouldn’t be that difficult to do, right? It is just the usual thing to do with other software after all.

Once you are done with that, you will need to establish connection between your Android and the computer. You don’t have to worry about complicated stuff since USB cable is the only thing you need to make the connection. Of course, there are more things to do than just plugging the cable in here. Next, on the iSkysoft Toolbox interface, do find the Backup&Restore option among the rest.

Select this option once the Android is detected and it will be the end of the first step in this procedure. If there is something you need to pay attention to here is for you to make sure that the USB debugging is opened before you make the connection. Just this thing and you will do just fine backing up your important messages.

Choose the Things to Backup

Next in this procedure of how to backup text messages on Android without app, it will be your time to choose the messages you want to backup. Once you have clicked Backup&Restore option in the iSkysoft Toolbox, you will be brought to that option’s interface. On it, there are various types of data you can select. Text message is just one from one of the available types there. What are they then?

From Privacy category, there are contacts, messages, call history, and calendar. From Multimedia category, there are photo, music, and video. From App Data category, there are application and application data. You can choose either of them or even all of them altogether. The toolbox will work just as good to do all. Then, choose the backup path you want at the bottom of the interface.

When everything’s right and ready, hit the Backup button in the bottom right corner to finish this step here. Text message backup on Android device without app is not done with this step though. After this, you need to wait for the program to start scanning your Android. Let it do its work and it will inform the backup is completed.

Preview and Restore the Data

Basically, the backup process is done with the previous step above. However, if you wish to restore your data, this toolbox can help you too. Ask to preview the backup data by clicking on View the Backup option. All of backup data will be displayed on the iSkysoft interface to restore backup text messages to the Android device of yours. You won’t be left unknown about the backup data at all.

On the interface display, you will have the chance to make your choices by ticking the chosen data you want. Then, just tap the Restore to Device option. You are free to choose which device you want to restore them to. In this case though, it will be your Android device of course. The program will do its job right, so you can just leave everything to it and wait until the data restoration is all completed.

It marks the end of this procedure then. You might need the help of toolbox and computer to work it out, but it is worth trying. After all, you can backup and restore more than just text messages with them. Text messages backup and restore with iSkysoft Toolbox are fail proof. You might not find other convenient toolbox than this one.


We can see that even without the use of app on Android, you can still do backup and restore another way. It is not as handy as using backup and restore app though. Even so, it is worth considering as good alternative. There can be some things that prevent one from using the app after all. At such time, this alternative will very much be needed. Surely, you don’t mind doing the steps.

How to backup text messages on Android without app is particularly easy with iSkysoft Toolbox. With just few clicks on your computer, you can get things done right away. We are sure that it won’t take much of your time as well. You just need three steps to follow at most.

Do give it a try if you find the need to do so. Rather than losing important messages, you better back it up like this, right?