After long awaited time, WhatsApp finally rolled the dark mode alias dark mode for its users. However, this mode can only be enjoyed by a number of users included in the beta testers section.

To be able to activate it, beta testers can immediately update the WhatsApp application to version 2.20.13 on the Google Play Store.

Dark mode itself is believed to make the device’s battery last longer (for oled screens) and more eye friendly.

For Android users who are not beta testers can download the WhatsApp APK file version 2.20.13 through sites such as AppLabbs.

How to Activate Dark Mode

You can activate the dark mode option on WhatsApp via Settings> Chat> Themes. You will see three choices under the description “Select Theme”, which is Bright, Dark, and Adjust Based on Battery Saver.

How to Activate WhatsApp Dark Mode

If the latter is selected, WhatsApp will automatically switch between Light and Dark according to the battery saver settings.

For those who don’t want to install beta software on an Android device, dark mode is likely to be available at the end of this month for all users. As a warning, Google does not recommend users download and install files outside of the Google Play Store platform.

Thus, if you are in doubt and worry about security issues, you should wait for this feature to be officially released for all WhatsApp users.